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what is love do you think?
is it something you hold?
and if you were to blink
would it turn to cold?

does love wain and wax?
or fail under pain
or does love never vex
or put others to shame

love makes you act like a fool
and makes you not think straight
if your not careful you can be her tool
but thats not love thats hate

yes love sometimes hurts
and you arent sure where to turn
love can throw you lots of curves
and to normal you cant return

but if you love that girl with all you have
and she loves you back
then you will truely never have
a life for to turn back

for when you are in love
you can say that it doesnt hurt
but true love will never budge
or leave you in the dirt

love is something hard to find
and it takes us many years
im glad to have found mine
in spite of all my fears
just kinda a babbling poem about love and what i think about it
speckle Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2004
nice and thoughtful. flows very well.
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January 27, 2004
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